Is Nuer become a Gold and Diamond? two Indians were captured by SPLM-IO fighting a long side Dinka led government in Juba

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IndiansPress release
By Col. William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA-IO
March 10, 2017, Despite repeated warnings from the SPLA-IO leadership, two Indians engineers namely Mr. Ambross Edward and Mr. Muggy Vijaya Boopathy working for the Juba regime were yesterday Thursday March 09, 2017 captured alive during the fighting between the gallant SPLA-IO forces, and the Juba regime soldiers and their Sudanese rebel allies in and around the new oil site at Guelguk north, Adar.
In the intense fighting that lasted for about an hour, the gallant, brave and courageous SPLA-IO forces of division five (5) under the command of Cdr Major General Khor Chuol Giet and Cdr Brigadier General Gatbel Kuach disintegrated, defeated and killed about thirty three (33) Juba regime soldiers and their JEM and SPLM-North allies, before the rest fled in disarray and were being pursued in different directions.
While the brutal and ruthless Juba regime have been using its naira-minded so-called Governors of Maiwut and Nasir to mobilise an attack on Jikany Nuer, the gallant SPLA-IO forces in those areas and state will continue to respond to any Juba regime aggression or/and attempts by its brutal and ruthless soldiers to commit further atrocities, rapes and other egregious abuses against the civilian population.
Meanwhile, the Juba regime contingent under the command of said to be commissioners of Wau and Mogok, Deng Kulang Bie and Mut Gatnor Tut that were repulsed after they attacked SPLA-IO bases in and around Wau and Mogok Counties three (3) days ago are now being surrounded within the confines of Wau without any contact access as well as access to food, water and health attention. At the same time, the situation in and around Torit remains very tense following the Juba regime attack on Loming and subsequent fighting in and around Torit last night on which a press will be provided.
As mentioned above, the remorseless Juba regime is on the offensive nationwide, as it calls for GOD to forgive their unforgivable sins, and the SPLA-IO would like to once again remind national and foreign oil workers never again to step foot in any of the oil production sites and areas, since the Juba regime has declared these areas battlefields, otherwise.

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