Murle is under attack by Dinka led government and 12 killed, 14 injured in Boma attack

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Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Monday, Nyany Korok said more than 20 children were kidnapped and thousands of cattle looted by the armed youth.

Korok further said the attackers who have since left the area, targeted Kotchar and Nanam areas.

“I went myself to the scene and we found out that we have lost 7 of our youth and 14 got injured. And they went away with nearly 21,000 head of cattle in addition to 17 children who were kidnapped in Kotchar. They also carried out another attack on Nanam on the 6th,” said Korok.

Korok noted that at least five people were killed in Nanam and that more than five children were kidnapped there.

For his part, Ayuen Guet, the Jonglei youth representative, said he had no information about casualties in Kotchar and Nanam.

He further the incident was a revenge attack aimed at recovering cattle looted and children abducted by Boma youth in December.

“On our side, we did not lost any one and I don’t know also how many on the other side have died,” said Guet.

Boma state governor Ismael Konyi earlier accused the Jonglei state government of supporting local youth from Bor to attack people in Boma state.

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