Museveni says, There is no clear-headed leadership in South Sudan, now you are talking


 MARCH 20, 2017

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Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has called on the warring groups in South Sudan to abandon what he termed as pseudo ideology of sectarianism of tribes and instead come to table to resolve the conflict through talks that must be fronted by an election.

Museveni was meeting Xu Jinghu, the Chinese government Special Representative on African Affairs, last Thursday at State House, Entebbe.

He expressed satisfaction with the Chinese government for its approach in handling African affairs. “Our discussion focused on the situation in South Sudan. I am happy that the Chinese government is taking interest in this conflict. Chinese people tend to take a good direction on African issues,” Museveni said on twitter.

He criticised the leadership of the different parties involved in the conflict saying the leadership is making the conflict a tribal affair.

“The main problem in South Sudan is ideological. The groups there don’t have clear headed leaders to guide the people about their future. They push the pseudo ideology of sectarianism of tribes and yet this is detrimental to the people’s well-being. The conflict cannot be resolved through force but by negotiations aimed at two things; First is elections. It is the medicine for sectarianism because in an election, no single tribe can marshal numbers to win.”

Museveni said like is the case in Kenya, elections will force South Sudan politicians to make alliances among tribes and therefore make anyone interested in winning an election to join the alliances or lose. “This has worked in Kenya. It is not the best but it’s better than conflicts without elections,” Museveni added in a press release.

“The second focus should be security sector reform. South Sudan must strive to build a national and not sectarian army. Recruitment should be from all parts of the country,” he added.

President Museveni has remained a very close political ally to President Salva Kiir for the period of conflict in the country


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