Breaking News: SPLM-IO Captured Kajo Kaji today

By Lt. Col. Lam Paul

SimonPress release

SPLA io Captured Kajo Kaji county HQ this morning.

At about 6:00am, the SPLA io Base of Brigade 3 under the command of Gen. Lokujo Moses Gabriel on Kajo Keji – Juba road came under the usual aggressive attacks from Juba Militias. However, they were repulsed and pursued by our gallant forces to their base in the County HQ. The battle lasted for four hours at the county HQ. We flushed them out of their base by about 10:30am as they leave behind four dead bodies, seven Ak47 and one PKM in good condition, we only sustained one minor injury on our side. The SPLA io Brigade 3 professionals freed 12 detainees from their jail including one woman and also captured nine militias alive who are currently at our base.
The SPLA io is proud to announce that as of today 1100hrs, Kajo keji County HQ is under the full control of Division 2B commander; Major. Gen. John Mabieh. We applaud the professionality of our brave soldiers for showing how weak the Juba militias are. Victory is always certain.

Viva SPLA io
Viva Dr Riek Machar.


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