Rwanda deletes all Ugandan teachers from its gov’t payroll, chases them out

By Spear Team – 28th  March 2017

Dr Papias Malimba Musafiri Rwanda’s minister of education. All Ugandan Teachers deleted from govt payroll

In a bid to fulfill the mission of the Ministry of Education which is to “Transform the Rwandan citizen into skilled human capital for socio-economic development of the country” Dr Papias Malimba Musafiri the minister of Education caused deletion of all Ugandan teachers in Rwanda from government payroll.

According to our Rwandan sources all the Ugandan teachers are expected to exit Rwanda at the end of the Rwandan school term which is this coming Friday or seek employment in private schools.

One of the teachers The SpearTeam talked to said:

“The move got us off guard since we were not given any warning” He said they are now in total dilemma.

A simple research done by The SpearTeam indicate that 20% of Uganda government schools are headed by Rwandan’s and the entire Uganda gov’t pay roll at the ministry of civil service is made up of 27% Rwandans

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