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uhuru-kenyattarMarch 31, 2017(, A report from a source that has chosen to remain anonymous for the fear of his security disclosed that President Salva Kiir has given 10, 000,000 US dollars to Uhuru Kanyatta’s presidential election campaign.

The source alleges that this huge sum of money was collected in cash from the office of President Salva Kiir and flown to Nairobi, Kenya. This is Kiir’s financial assistance to Kenyatta’s re-election campaign. The source didn’t disclose the name of the Kenyan who picked up the money from President Kiir’s office in Juba nor did the name any Kenyatta officials who received the money in Nairobi or at what time the money was picked up, but he is adamant that the movement of 10m US dollars between Nairobi and Juba has indeed taken place.

“This is to inform the South Sudanese both in and outside the country and indeed the UN, US and EU that today March 03/30/2017, the Kenyan private presidential jet was flown to Juba and picked up Cash Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000) from the office of Salvatore Kiir Mayardit to finance the presidential re-election of Uhuru Kanyatta,” says the source.

The famine is looming in South Sudan with Bentiu of former Unity State declared as famine zone. The United Stated previously warned President Kiir against deliberate starvation tactics. The person who disclosed the handing over of 10m US dollars to Kenyatta camp complains that thousands and thousands of South Sudanese people are at risk dying of starvation due to a man-made famine while the president has donated millions of dollars to Uhuru Kanyatta re-election. The sources alleges that purpose of this enormous donation is to make sure that Uhuru Kenyatta wins Kenyan election to keep away Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga from Kenya’s presidency.

It is also avowed that upon arrival of the money in Nairobi, Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential campaign team started bribing Kenyans in order to vote for him in the upcoming Kenya elections. He calls upon the Secretary General of the United Nations to recover the money and use the money to feed the famine victims.

“We are calling and appealing to the Secretary General of the United Nation to swiftly recover $10million dollars flown to Kenya today on March 30/2017 and divert those money to buy food and medicines for the South Sudanese war famine victims. The other call is also extended to people of South Sudan to come out and launch a general popular uprising against Salvatore Kiir Mayardit for playing with the oil money of our country.”

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