Day: April 15, 2017

In the ongoing War in Lou Nuer, Waat and Motot fighting, the SPLA-IO forces have so far destroyed eight (8) Land Cruisers mounted armouries

Press release By Brigadier General William Gatjiath Deng Spokesperson for SPLA-IO Saturday April 15, 2017 Having lost Raga (Raja), Western Bahr el Ghazal, to the brave SPLA-IO Sector Seven (7) forces under the command of Cdr Lt General Thomas Basilo, the ruthless JCE regime in Juba has now ordered the reckless and indiscriminate use of

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South Sudan: New Spate Of Ethnic Killings, Says HRW

Location of South Sudan. Source: CIA World Factbook. By Eurasia Review April 15, 2017 Government soldiers and allied militias deliberately killed at least 16 civilians in South Sudan’s western town of Wau on April 10, 2017, in what appears to be an act of collective punishment, Human Rights Watch said Friday. The attacks were against

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Buhari Appoints Chevrolet Volt Designer Jelani Aliyu to Head Nigeria’s Automotive Council,…

April 15, 2017 Buhari Appoints Chevrolet Volt Designer Jelani Aliyu to Head Nigeria’s Automotive Council, 22 Others By Tobi Adebowale President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday confirmed the appointment of world-famous Jelani Aliyu reputed to be the designer of the Chevrolet Volt as the director-general of the Nigerian Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC). Jelani Aliyu

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Dinka led Government is using chemical gas in their operations in Lou Nuer

Press Release 15/04/2017 By Lt. Col. Lam Paul Gabriel Government of Juba Uses Poisonous gas in Bieh state and Planning to do the same in Akobo. After failing to defeat the SPLA IO forces with regular weapons, the Juba government Militias under the command Governor John Gony Biliew of Akobo State and Majiok Gatluak Thoa

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