Dinka led Government is using chemical gas in their operations in Lou Nuer

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south_sudan_security_council_visit_jpeg-f9501_c0-0-4213-2456_s885x516Press Release
By Lt. Col. Lam Paul Gabriel

Government of Juba Uses Poisonous gas in Bieh state and Planning to do the same in Akobo.

After failing to defeat the SPLA IO forces with regular weapons, the Juba government Militias under the command Governor John Gony Biliew of Akobo State and Majiok Gatluak Thoa of Bieh State used poisonous gas that blindfolds, weakens, makes someone looses focus and causes sneezing while attacking SPLA IO positions and civilians in the IDP Camps. This criminal acts of cowardice by the Juba Government started on 11th April 2017 in Yuai, proceeded to Waat on 14/04/2017 and still going on with an aim of reaching Akobo.

This gas attacks have made our gallant forces to tactfully withdraw from Waat last night and focus on civilians evacuations to safe areas as they are the most affected. There are many civilians casualties in Yuai and Waat due to this act of terrorism by the Juba regime. This attacks are not random but targeted towards particular tribes, thus acts of genocide by the Juba regime while the world is watching.

This is not the first time the government of Juba uses poisonous gas in their useless campaign to forcefully cling to power; it happened in Kajo Keji, Wau and even Northern Upper Nile. The SPLA IO therefore, calls upon the AU, UN, Troika and the international to send a team in Bieh and Akobo states as soon as possible to investigate this use of poisonous gas by the Juba regime and help the affected civilians medically as soon as possible.

The SPLA IO forces in Waat remains vigilant after enclosing the government militias and cut off route to Yuai and Akobo. We will win despite this poisonous gas attack on our forces and civilians because that’s what we always do.

Viva Dr Riek Machar
victory is certain.

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