SPLM-IO killed 224 Dinka Soldiers in Tonga and Guelguk,

imagePress release
By Brigadier General William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA-IO, Pagak GHQs

Thursday May 04, 2017 at around 8:30am this morning, the gallant SPLA-IO forces of Division Seven (7) under the command of Cdr Major General Simon Diang Duoth Deng and Aguelek Division, all are under sector One (1) commanded by Lt. General Johnson Olony responded to the Juba regime aggression and recaptured the most strategic town of Tonga from the Juba regime forces.

In the operation, the brave SPLA-IO forces captured the following equipment:
(1) One (1) Tanks, T-(55) and One (1) Wolit,
(2) Three (3) military Land Cruisers (2) mounted with 12.7 and (1) mounted with 14.5,
(3) One (1) Worrol mounted with 14 (4) Barrels,
(4) two (2) 120 mm,
(5) One (1) D.30,
(6) One (1) BM-40 Barrels,
(7) Ninety one (91) PKM
(8) Two hundred and fifty five (255) AKM-47.

In addition these materials loses, the Juba regime also lost one hundred and eighty one (181) soldiers in this battle alone, as the gallant and brave SPLA-IO forces continue pursuing the residual of genocidal forces towards Weipanyikang.

Meanwhile, in the fighting in Mangok, the gallant SPLA-IO forces of Division Five (5) killed some forty three (43) Juba regime soldiers, destroyed One Tank (55) and captured two (2) Military Land Cruisers mounted with 12.7. At the time of the press, Guelguk was being surrounded and imminent to be stormed, as fighting intensifies there.

Meanwhile, fighting is being erupted in and around Leer and especially at Pilieny Payam in Unity State as the government troops still aggravated the situation in the area by attacking the SPLA-IO bases. They sent out their forces to Thonyor in order to terrify the civilians at the humanitarian base but SPLA-IO forces repulsed the attackers to Pilieny.


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