22 Government militias including a Lt Col perished along Juba – Nimule highway.

By Lt. Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
Deputy Military Spokesperson SPLA IO

This evening of 5/05/2017, a government reinforcement to post Mangat met their fate when they clashed with the gallant force of Anyanya division along Juba – Nimule highway at about 1900 hrs.

A Lt Col identified to be the brother of Maj Gen. Kuol Malith and 21 government militias perished, 7 AK47 and 1 PKM recovered in good condition. One truck destroyed with all their supplies.

The SPLA IO would like to caution the civil populations and NGOs not to collaborate with the government militias by providing logistics such as private vehicle to aid their transportation. It has come to our attention that the government have been using our Civilians as human shield when traveling while transporting their military supplies. we urge our civilians to avoid their company and not engage with them at any capacity.

Viva Dr. Riek Machar

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5 Comments on "22 Government militias including a Lt Col perished along Juba – Nimule highway."

  1. South Sudan is a country of impossibilities and disabilities where the government says something and does something else and the saying is always not accurate at all but it means to kill time.

  2. In South Sudan citizens are suffering because of the their government, they have nowhere to go and hide themselves since they can be easily found by the government soldiers and be killed for no good reasons but just to kill them.

  3. Killing of the citizens in South Sudan has become part and partial of the government policies whereby its organs are carrying out unbelievable targeting of the innocent people, arrest and kill them abruptly. The only way for them is to flee the country to the neighbouring countries for safety.

  4. Honestly speaking, South Sudan citizens are only safe and secure outside South Sudan i.e. in Uganda, Kenya, Congo and Sudan this fact prove that is safe to live in those countries than in South Sudan and they are more peaceful than South Sudan too.