The legacy of Nelson Mandela must live on, South African opposition leaders (Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters are considering forming a rebellion against the current government for shaming Africa

cropped-mandela2.gifMay 7, 2017, Africans Press has learned that Opposition leader Julius Malema is under threat by the government of South Africa for revealing the amount of the money received by South Africa government in exchange to put Dr. Riek Machar under arrest in South Africa.

Julius Malema revealed to the world that South Africa is being  paid by a combination of U.S, UN and South Sudan for $450,000 dollars monthly to hold Dr. Riek Machar in South Africa. In response, South Africa denies that they put Dr. Riek Machar under house arrest however the South African Government could not deny or confirm the amount of money it received.

As a result, opposition leaders are now considering a “self depend to keep the legacy of Nelson Mandela alive by rejecting the notion of money to hold up an African leader in exchange for the money


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  1. Shame of Jacob Juma’s government, it is a disgrace for the spirit of freedom which fought against the evil of the rein of Apartheid by holding an African freedom fighter for ransom.