Breaking News: Aweil community in diaspora rejected the dismissal and removal of Gen. Malong Awan

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By Nyanut Bol
May 12, 2017

Aweil community in United States, Europe, Australia, Middle east and Africa in particular is alarmed by the recent presidential decree relieving controversially our son Gen. Paul Malong Awan as SPLA Chief of General Staff.
Though the change in the army is a normal function of the President of the Republic, this one is seen by the community Members worldwide as a politically motivated and a wish hurt to eliminate Paul Malong whom Salva Kiir and Akol Koor see as a threat to them of recent.

His withdrawal from Juba en route to the town of birth was met with a lot of resistance from the cliques in Juba who un_neccessarily deployed a huge National security Forces in Rumbek to deter his movement. In such a scenario, the greater community of Mading Aweil residing in Western world and the horn of Africa in particular consult yesterday on the fate of their son and resolved the following:

(1) Condemn in the strongest term possible the negative behaviors of the so _called Akol Koor and his scyophants and warned that Aweil community wouldn’t considered the provocation a problem between gën Anyuon which is TonJ and wun_ buoth Anyar which is Aweil.

(2) Request all the sons and daughters of this community serving in different organs of the army to abandon their position and assemble at the safest points awainting for further directions from the community.

(3) Demand his immediate unhindered journey to his hometown without any Pre condition or further delayed.

(4) Asked the sons and daughters of this great community residing outside the country to mobilise fund for transporting Aweil sons serving in the security units across the Nation back home for further discussion. We equally ask you to be on maximum high alert for eventualities happening to Gen. Malong now standed in Yirol.

(6) Condemned the conpiracy of which Gen. James Ajonga accept the appointment which have a lot of problems.

(7) Cease the opportunity to appreciate the hospitality rendered to our son by the government and people of Eastern Lakes State.

May God bless Gen. Paul Malong Awan.

May God bless South Sudan.

United we Stand, divided we fall!

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