Murle accused Kuol Manyang, Makuei Lueth and Philip Aguer for SECURITY SITUATION IN MURLE LAND PIBOR.

MAy 14, 2017


For the last few days, the brutal regime of Mr. Salva Kir in Juba, have been butchering innocent women and children, looting property and burning down homesteads , particularly, in Koschaar, Manyabol and Jebel Nanaam areas of Gumuruk, Pibor State.
The attackers are composed of, Bor Defense Forces, an organised militia group of Dinka Bor youths, government’s 8th Division infantry, Jonglei state’s Police, prison warders, Wildlife and Firebrigade forces. The attack is mastered by Gov. Philip Aguer Panyang of Jonglei state, Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk of defense ministry, minister of information, Hon. Micheal Makuei Lueth, with full knowledge of President Kiir, and its under direct command of Brig. Gen. Martin Gumwel and Brig. Gen. Machar Ageu of SPLA-Juba.
They, in thousands, are heavily armed with modern weapons, including war-tanks, Harmoured Personal Carriers (HPC-woulit), several military textures mounted with Zu-23, 12. 7 and other heavy weapons. They, without any serious confrontation, flooded the forementioned areas and mercilessly massacred over 400 defenseless civilians in Bichibich settlement of Jebel Nanaam, over 200 Koschaar and about 312 in Manyabol.
Now, over 5,580 surviving women and children from Jebel Nanaam are arriving in villages of Ng’anagurya, Ng’adilac, without food and water as well as medicaton. 6, 450 from Koschaar and Manyabol are arriving in Lawol, Bee, and Thaang’ajon Bomas with same situation.
The Murle Local youths who are under-armed, and few in number have been battling the attackers, and on the early morning of 8th/05/2017, managed to push the heavier group, which was occupying Koschaar and Manyabol toward Jebel Nanaam areas. Upto now, The youth are still running after them.
COBRA DIVISION of SPLA-VIVA, in PIBOR, calls on the two communities of Murle and Dinka Bor to stop fighting themselves. Instead, they should join hands to topple the bad governance introduced by regime in Juba. This war is not between them, but a tribal agenda pursued by Juba regime. The situation in Pibor is not different from that of Mundari land, Lou-Nuer land, Wau, Parajok, Leer, Panyijaar and many other areas across South Sudan .
We call on, UN, AU, IGAD and other international bodies to hold Mr. Kiir and his group in Juba accountable for the continuous crimes it ommits on innocent civilians. We also , call on international humanitarian agencies to imediately intervene in providing life saving aid to the survivors of this man-made tragedy.


Brig. Gen. John Oleruum Ole


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