Salva Kirr said, “Nhialic Brought Malong to Juba” No resolutions after Kiir-Malong meeting, Ateny says

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May 15, 2017, Paul Malong made a huge mistake by coming back to Juba, now he is facing live and death situation.

President Salva Kiir has met the former Chief of General Staff of the SPLA, Paul Malong, in a closed-door meeting on Sunday evening but there were no resolutions, the Presidential Press Secretary has said.

Earlier, General Malong said he was on his way to Aweil after he was relieved from office on Tuesday last week, but he ended his trip in Yirol and returned to Juba on Saturday.

Ateny Wek Ateny said Monday morning that President Salva and General Malong met in Juba on Sunday evening to discuss issues related to the trip.

Mr. Ateny said it was a closed-door meeting between the two leaders, but he said there were no resolutions.

He told Eye Radio that the President and General Malong will continue with their meetings tomorrow.

“They met yesterday in the evening after the delegates met the President from 11:00 to 6:00. Malong came to the President at 9:00 pm. So they met with the President and until 11:00 pm, they didn’t finish their meeting and they did not come out with any results but they promised they will meet again,” said Ateny.

On return to Juba, General Malong said he wanted to listen to why he was recalled after removal from office.

General Malong said he would still return to his hometown in Aweil and engage in other activities such as farming if he has nothing to do in Juba.

President Kiir has said the General Malong’s removal is a routine change in the army and General Malong has contended that it was constitutional.

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