South Sudanese government is calling POPE FRANCIS as a REBEL FOR NOT COMING TO JUBA.

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June 6, 2017

A top Government official has branded Pope Francis a rebel for cancelling his anticipated plans of coming to South Sudan in August this year.

The government official who works at the Ministry of Information said that the Vatican must be rebel sympathiser because why would Pope cites insecurity in Juba is a reason for not coming.

“Is he a man of God or a rebel?…Juba is very safe and he should come and find it out for himself,” He added.

South Sudan’s Catholic Bishops announced in February that Pope Francis will visit Juba to show his solidarity with people of South Sudan but last week Vatican announced the cancellation of the visit. The Vatican said that a team from the Vatican was not able to secure guarantees that people of both ethnic groups would be able to attend a papal Mass of reconciliation. They have also cited insecurity.


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