Sophia Pal Gai cry when Salva Kirr called them “Dogs to feed” last night in Juba


June 25, 2017, A Dinka Elder asked, Salva Kirr, “Beny Salva, Why Are You Removing The People Who Are Protecting Your Government And Give Their Lives For You? Salva Kirr,  “Because You Must First Feed The Dogs Until They Are Full So They Can Protect Your Goats And Cows.” this happened at a well organized meeting on Friday,

Salva Kirr called Taban Deng Gai and Sophia Pal Gai Dogs to feed when he was asked by and elder from the Aweil as to why he removed Paul Malong. Sources in Juba are saying Sophia Pal Gai has been crying since yesterday when Salva Kirr called them Dogs to feed in order to removed Paul Malong. This is not a first time for Salva kirr to call his inner and foes Dogs.


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  1. That is a country needed a new spirit, not only from politicians but the entire population of South Sudan, we shouldn’t be lies that second name for South Sudan is the SPLM, or any other party in this country. the second name of South Sudan is our citizenship. Let’s stop following people instead let’s follow national philosophy.

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