Breaking News: Dinkas are closing Down Juba Unversity and Seven Embassies including UK and Uganda

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June 2017, The University of Juba on process of closing down according to the University Vice Chancellor, Professor John Apuruot Akec. Prof Apuruot told the press in Juba that they have just awarded the final certificates as they prepare to close before September due to financial shortage. He added that it is disappointing to see the most important institution in the country closing its door to thousands of our student. However, the administration doesn’t have any other choice. Prof. Apuruot advised his 1000 new graduates in field of Management and Peace, Applied and Industrial Science, Engineering and Architecture, Medicine and Development Studies to use their skills for the development of the country.


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  1. Gatchak Tut Jock Jek says:

    I thinks will not be juba university only to be closed up even the rests of government institutions should be closed soon because of economics deflated.


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