North Korea’s Kim Jong signed a deal a military cooperation with South Sudan

By on 07/14/2017

Kim Jong Un

Controversial North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has sent President Salva Kiir through South Sudan Embassy in Uganda a friendly message expressing his desire for greater relations between the two countries.

In a letter seen by Hot in Juba, the North Korean Embassy in Uganda has reached out to South Sudan for a military cooperation.

‘The representative Office of Military Affairs of the Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Kampala presents its compliment to the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in South Sudan and has the honour, upon authorization to request the latter to convey to the relevant authority the intention of the military of the people’s Army Forces of Korea of Korean Army to establish and develop military relationship with the Republic of South Sudan,” the letter read.

The Korean Embassy wishes to meet the president and discuss more on military cooperation which would modernise the national army, SPLA.

Kim Jong Un


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  1. Gatchak Tut Jock Jek says:

    sorry which SPLA?


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