A Dinka Tonj governor accused of stealing solar systems from relief office

File photo: Governor Akec Tong Aleu. (Gurtong)

File photo: Governor Akec Tong Aleu. (Gurtong)


July 17, 2017,The suspended coordinator of Tonj South’s Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) has instead accused the governor of Tonj Akec Tong Aleu of stealing solar systems and furniture from RRC office in Tonj South County.

This comes after Governor Akech Tong Aleu accused the RRC coordinator Moses Athian of mismanaging humanitarian affairs in Tonj South County.

Athian claimed in an interview with Radio Tamazuj on Thursday that Governor Akech Tong went to the RRC office in Tonj South and took solar systems, table and eight chairs donated by the World Vision to his home without their consent.

Athian further said the misunderstanding with his deputy started when he failed to explain how the RRC equipment and furniture reached Governor Akec’s home.” If there are laws in the country, this could be a serious corruption case,” he said.

“I rejected Akec’s dismissal order, because RRC is an independent institution under presidency. Well, he can be my supervisor in the state but you cannot suspend someone who does not receive salary from you. My salary comes directly from the national government,” he added.

In a letter dated 28 June and addressed to the national minister of humanitarian affairs, Governor Akec accused Moses Athian of involving himself in recruitment and shortlisting of job seekers and applicants.


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