PLA-IO pushed back food forces from Maiwut, Pagak General Headquarter(GHQs), Adar State, South Sudan

Chief for Public Relations and Protocol Arrangements(CPRPA), Directorate of Military Information, SPLA-IO, Pagak General Headquarter(GHQs), Adar State, South Sudan


July 31, 2017, The recent attempted attack in the suburb of Maiwut by the forces of the Nuerweu(thonalieks) and JCE of the rogue regime of Saliva Kiir and Taban Nyakek have pushed back to some kilometers away from Maiwut town by the fearless SPLA-IO forces and have killed a good numbers of men in uniforms on those food fighters forces whom their aims is to get food from their master after they have fought with their own relatives. The food fighters forces plus their their JCE sons and daughters have suffered in the hands of the SPLA-IO forces and Gaatkiir civil defends forces(Silica or Nyaborjiök), which kills and capture alive these aimless forces of food fighters. Also they have inflicted uncounted numbers of dead people and modern weapons on these attackers as the result of their uncalculated attacks on the SPLA-IO defensive position. For you those food fighters supporters who were celebrating in Juba, now you should hangs yourselves because your food fighters forces are on runs in disarray now in the thick forest of Gaatkiir and most of them were perished because they don’t know what they were doing. Therefore! for every supporters of the people’s movement, SPLM/SPLA-IO, Maiwut and it’s surrounding is now under the control of the SPLA-IO, under the visionary leader, Dr. Riek Machar-Teny Dhurgon


Viva South Sudan
VIVA Dr. Machar
Viva SPLM/SPLA-IO Supporters


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  1. Gatchak Tut Jock Jek says:

    congelation Viva


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