Gordon Buay said they are running out of money and cannot perform in Washington DC

Intercepted Conversation. ..!
August 23, 2017
"Your Excellency,

I am writing to you in regard to your proposed visit to Washington, DC. Indeed, I am in the process to talk to the leadership of Trump administration to give you an audience when you come to DC on September, 27th.

However, the financial situation we are facing is unbearable. We have eight months without salaries to all diplomatic missions. The local staff in DC are reluctant to report to work because they have no money to commute.

If nobody is reporting to work, it will affect your visit to Washington. Your visit needs all the employees of the Embassy to be at work.

I cannot force people to report to work while they have not been paid for the last eight months. If they sue the Embassy in Court, it would be a serious issue in the media in America.

Starting from tomorrow, all local staff will stay in their houses or look for jobs to pay their rents and food because I am unable to force them to work.

I will be left with two diplomats. That will mess up the logistics I can put together for your visit. One diplomat was evicted ten days ago because of lack of payment and moved to Amb. Garang Diing's residence.

Besides, my very survival is at stake now. I didn't pay my apartment rent of August. The landlord may kick me out If I don't pay within ten days.

Instead for me to be focusing on making your visit to DC successful, I will be busy about my survival and where to sleep when I am evicted.

I am now the one in charge who is supposed to make all arrangements for your visit. Amb. Garang is still in Juba. But in ten days I will be homeless. How would I be doing my job if I have no place to sleep?

I could not attend an important meeting in Pittsburgh last week on South Sudan because I cannot afford a ticket. Without a salary to buy a ticket to attend a meeting, how would I perform the duties I am supposed to do?

We the South Sudan diplomats have given up talking about salaries because it seems to us that nobody in Juba is feeling the pain we are going through.

But I am telling you that when you come to DC, you will find the Embassy paralyzed to execute its duty to receive the 1st VP of the country. Right now, I don't have a Driver because I released him to look for the second job to pay his rent and feed his family. I rely on friends to drop me to Embassy every morning.

We are reduced to a situation where we are ineffective to do our work as diplomats. If you have no money to pay your apartment, then, you cannot execute your duties as the country would want you to do.


Amb. Gordon Buay"


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