Taban Deng Gai try to destroyed SPLM-IO but failed and now is trying to destroy Dinka unity

In July 2016, when News breaks that Taban Deng Gai will join Salva Kirr 's regime, it was received warmly by almost entire community world wide. However , although Dinka had never asked themselves that if a man is capable of destroying his own family by trying to kill his own sister's husband, would it not be true too that he can do that to them?

Taban's first priority shortly after he secured assurance from Salva Kirr was to make sure that he gets a rid of Paul Malong. Now that he gets it, the next move is how to destroy the entire Dinka community.

While making deals with his international friends, he continued fooling Salva Kirr to maintain his presence around him.

Dinka might not see it now but in future they will face consequences.


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