Salva Kirr fires Kok Ruei for not reaching Old Fangak


Sept. 18, 2017, Kok Ruei is known for his ash talk against dr. Riek machar which aerned him a name with Salva Kirr. However, things truns when he failed to reach Old Fangak as was set as a goal for Salva Kirr.

Salva Kiir has, in an unexpected move, removed two governors and two appointed new officials from the newly created states.

Kiir, in a decree read on the state-owned South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) on Monday night, sacked the Gogrial State, Gregory Deng Kuac and his Fangak State counterpart, James Kok Ruei.

President Kiir, in a separate decree, appointed former Jonglei governor, John Kong Nyuon as the new governor of Fangak State, replacing James Kong Nyuon.Victor Atem Atem  was also appointed as the new governor of Gogrial State, replacing Gregory Deng Kuac who is an in-law to President Kiir.


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