Breaking News: Dinka War? Secret moment is emerging within the government of South Sudan lead by Anthony Lino Makana

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Juba, Sept. 20, Anthony Lino Makana is concerning about distruction in Western Equatoria, anonymous source revealed to Africans Press that there are an emerging groups with in the Government of South Sudan who are concerning about the war in the Nuer and Equatorians lands.

Source revealed that a groups of combine Equatorians, Nuer and Shilluk within the government lead by Anthony Lino Makana are recruiting members from ministries, MPs and local government to raise this concerns. The known members are the Speaker Anthony Lino Makana, James Kok Ruei, John Luk Jok, Alfred Lodu Gore and Hussein Mar are known to be recruiting.

James Kok Ruei was removed because he revealed this secret move at the Funeral of one of the MP who passed away early this months according to the source who want to remains unnamed.


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