18 Dinka agents of Gony Beliew were captured in Akobo by SPLM-IO

September 21, 2017, SPLM-IO captured the government Soliders who were trying to sneak to Akobo in Wechpuot Waath char Reathe when they attempt to cross the river to Akobo.

Here is full list.

1. Hon. Commissioner Tut Chai Reik
2. Town major John Chuol Pathot Jal
3. Hoth Ding Ruot Military Commander
4. Lual Duol Chuol CID in change
5. Patang Lual Kuten
6. Riek Bil Diu
7. Pal Yien Bath
8. Gatwech Biel
9. Duoth Nyal
10. Yoal Biliew Gatkuoth
11. Koang Geng
12. Tut Koryoam
13. Khor Nhial Bithok
14. Gany Thok Reath


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