Jok Madut Jok should only blame Dinka not all South Sudanese

September 26, 2018, Jok Madut Kok said Dinka destroyed South Sudan but also say that South Sudanese are not ready for a country?. It would be impossible for people of South Sudan to come recover quickly from all these messes. We are lead by lions and tigers of yesterday who are not willing to forgive their cows and goats.

December 2013 SPLM party crisis has nothing to do with Nuer community whose members were victimised by Salva Kiir Militias or private army Mathiang-Anyor and Gel-Weng, it was done on our own eyes on day lights for weeks before war reached others major towns like Bor, Bentiu and Malakal.

To stopped this crisis before it victimises all Regions of South Sudan, master of crisis Kiir, must accepted responsibility and accountability and do two things without political smuggling. He must accepted SPLM/A-IO as his peace partner and responsible for all IO forces and implement 2015 Addis Ababa Peace Agreement without delays or completely accepted his fall and resigned, anything less shall never easily be achieved in this Generation. Kiir have done his great damage and should not think for easy Exit!!!
True history by Jok Madok Jok.


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