Yei River State government under Juba regime has continued to conspire with Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Yei

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Yei River State government under Juba regime has continued to conspire with Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Yei and have treacherously conscripted about 500 youth and women from Yei town into what they claim to be SPLA-IO Yei River State under the self proclaimed Brig. Gen. Hillary Yakani.

In the last few weeks EPC has advertised and deceitfully recruited these youth and women as mansions for road maintenance along Yei-Kaya and be paid daily wages of $100. Unfortunately, after their registration 200 of them were smuggled to EPC Orphanage in Morobo for military training as SPLA-IO Yei River State under Hillary Yakani.

They have named this outrageous project as “EPC change them that they are IO’s.” And it is aimed at blindfolding the government of President Salva Kiir, the South Sudanese citizens, the donors of EPC and the outside world into believing that the fake peace deal Bishop Elias Taban Parangi brokered between Yei River State government and a group that called itself SPLA-IO Yei River State is holding.

This new strategy followed abortive attempts by EPC and its implanted agents who are the county commissioners of Yei River, Morobo, Mugwo and Otogo alongside Yakani Hillary and Yuma Sebastian to infiltrate and massively mobilize and buy refugees to achieve their evil peace deal. The few they maneuvered to buy from the refugee camps fell victims of the most recent military confrontations between the SPLA and SPLA-IO gallant forces in Morobo county.

This treacherous conscription of people is against individual’s legitimate exercise of right to freedom of thoughts and conscience.

SPLM/A (IO) Government of Yei River State hereby categorically warn all youth in Yei town to keep away from being used by the atrocious regime in Juba and its allies as human shields with songs of money, otherwise, you will be victims of any infiltration attack by SPLA-IO. We urge you to desert the town either to the camps and register as refugees or relocate to the SPLM/A (IO) liberated territory to escape abuse of your right.

We call upon the civil society and all rights bodies to join us in condemning without exception, this conspiracy of abuse through use of ghost employment and to call the perpetrators of this vice to refrain from misusing the youth. We also urge the South Sudan Council of Churches to investigate the activities of EPC in relation to peace initiatives and advise her to stop being partisan and luring innocent people of God into danger.

Lt. Col. Wayi Godwill Edward
Office of the Governor
Yei River State


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