Malicious Allegation and Defamation

img_1638-1Dear Mr. Paul Biel,
I am happy that you have responded to the allegation as you may term it.  I have received your official respond to my email with a document titled ” malicious Allegation and Defamation” dated 6th Oct 2017.  This is not between as us. I am not defaming your NGO neither yourself but i feel it s our duty as citizens of this country to cross check what is happening. This is the right time to expose more since NGOs are benefiting from the services they are supposed to deliver to the people affected by the crisis. As you said there is no point to respond directly to me. Thank you very much because i am convinced that these are things you accepted to have been happening in your organization. Its not only your organization, they are everywhere. so please don’t take it personally.
You call me self-proclaimed freelance Journalist. I want to tell you that i am not. The only mistake i did was that i didn’t share with you these findings before sharing it with the wider contacts. I want to tell you this, may be you have not known this.The community we are saving is our watchdog and they know what we do more than us. They are not foolish or blind enough to know nothing.  they know more than what we know. i didn’t want to bring up more to the group to justify because you feel am doing something wrong that i didn’t know, please Mark the followings;
1. a few months a go your roving officer ( you know him very well and his name) went to one of your project site in Jonglei State with funding from DCA carrying with him $60,000 USD for the beneficiaries. This may be cash voucher i guessed. He reached there with $60,000 minus $10,000. With his team on the ground they converted $20,000 into SSP and they gave it to the beneficiaries. They did not distribute $30,000. You did not do anything about this. This is a typical corruption. Where is $40,000 USD. I am sure whether you liquidate, unless your finance teams are crook, they will number escape with this mismanagement.
2. As i mentioned in the letter you have never done any relevant interview within your NGO. Your human resource has a human resource qualification, but he is a guy who cannot deliver anything. All your staff are given assignments based on recommendation. most of your staff are from big families they don’t have the qualification apart from the foreigners. only a few can write a presentable report.
3. Your staff are not paid based on their qualification. i am sure you have an established salary scale, but i am afraid why its not put in action. Paul i have more evidence and i don’t want to expose them here. What i have given out is enough. I am sure you went to Akobo recently, there is a vegetable garden project supported by Save the Children in Akobo, did you go and see how it is not. These are the simple things, if done properly, serves as examples to the community. And simply because we don’t consider humanitarian principles when doing implementation, then the work we do will never make an impact in the lives of the people we are saving. We, including me, and NGOs are saving precious lives.
4. The IMA/WB funding for Uror has not even been implemented. Where is the money and the community is suffering. I was in Pulchuol recently; and even in Pulchuol where you are concentrating your efforts, there is nothing happening there in term of health intervention. At some point i wonder whether agencies/donors giving monies may be part of all these conspiracy. You are given the project four to five months ago, and you feel there is no problem that you can still go next month and the project is coming to an end soon, and yet the community is suffering, one of your team members was spotted last month in Pierre after four months, what have you been doing with the project funds, fake reconciling? There is no point a donor gave you money to support some activities where it is needed and you stay not going to the site to implement the project and also you are reporting and getting disbursement. Is either the donor is taking share of the money or there is a problem somewhere. And again the government is not saying anything.
This is clean of any political meddling, am sure you know what is happening in your organization than any person outside your NGO. This is not to tarnish your image but for your consider reviewing your policies and improve delivery of humanitarian services to the people affected by this crisis. These are your weaknesses and please don’t waste your time dragging your legs around, accept the reality; this is the right time you address them.
I wish you all the best.


Julius Duku

Independent Freelance Journalist

on social and humanitarian Affairs


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