James Copnall of BBC: The Queen Malong has been crown


Respond to James Copnall, the fear inside Whiteman: The inferiority of a Whiteman internally and the fallacy of claimed superiority of outside worl

By Gatluke Chuol Reat,

In Paul Malong’s Kingdom: Politics on South Sudan’s Periphery, To his numerous supporters, Paul Malong, the chief of staff of the SPLA, is known as King Paul. He is lionized for his strategic military brain, and his ferocious determination to conquer back all the territory in the hands of Riek Machar’s rebels.” James Copnall of BBC

My logic class in philosophy taught me this; the foolproof way to understand other is to ask yourself with this, what is the author of the argument is trying to get you to believe? The answer to this question is the conclusion. To this point, men who studied philosophy, especially logic component of the philosophy, can draw many things from any article or opinion about other people by an outsiders like James Copnall and Eric Reeves. The tittle of their articles, the language that is being used in the body of the article, the depictions or imaginary and of course conclusion of their articles. I know that we were told that the premises can be false but that doesn’t mean that the conclusion must also be false too.

As per this opinion, I don’t know whether James Copnall of the BBC or his likes, such as Eric Reeves have ever across the works of Evans-Pritchard of 1930s about the Nuer. In case they did not across this man’s works about the Nuer, reviews on Evans-Pritchard’s primary goal, while study the Nuer was to document Nuer’s political institutions so that they could be more effectively be brought under British rule. Of course, this is aftermath of the failure of the British Empire to conquer the Nuer Lands. This focus is evident in the format of The Nuer. Nuer political institutions can only be understood in a larger framework encompassing both ecological and kinship systems. This description came from observers who study Evan-Pritchard

The events of massacred of the Nuer in 2013, the AU’s inquired on South Sudan said clearly that “The Commission received three different responses to the question: Who carried out the killing of Nuer civilians in Juba from December 16 to 18? The most widespread explanation was that the body of killers was a body of irregulars recruited in two districts of Bahr el Gazal by the current Chief of Staff who was then Governer of Northern Bahr al Gazal and ran the party branch in the district. He started recruiting this force in 2012. According to Majak Dagot, then Deputy Minister of Defense, “we did not pay for it from the Ministry of Defense, though they tried to get us to pay from our budget. The force was 15,000 strong, and was recruited in one area. Among people who gave roughly the same account, numbers varied, from a low of 3,000 to a high of 15,000.”

Needy to say the least, after I across James Copnall’s writing about the “bitter and incomplete divorce” between Sudan and South Sudan. Then, I start paying attention to his reports on line and other news outlets. Without any surprise from a man like me, I came to across to his writing about what he thought to be “King Paul Malong” a brilliant general. Here he said, “Malong is a strong man, a war hero, and in some ways is typical of many of the political class now running the country. Although he has a reputation as a brilliant general, he is not someone with the sort of advanced educational background that many South Sudanese would require from their leaders.”Then my eye was caught by something and that is the conclusion of the his article where he said, “It’s not clear how long ‘King Paul’ will remain in charge of the SPLA, but there seems little prospect of his influence in Northern Bahr el Ghazal diminishing any time soon”

I cannot remember the last time I ever watch the BBC or the time I recognized the inferiority of the inner circle of the Whiteman and this can be easily proven by a low live men like James Copnall and Eric Reeves. Their ignorance always come with too many forms, however, the common forms or easier passes they often used are ignorance and by trying hard that the African people does not understand the dirty of Whiteman’s imaginaries and depictions of Africa with the cloud of blood filled with sadness. But I want to tell James Copnall and his likes that Africa is beyond depictions and no longer accept false praises on murderous individuals within Africa continent.

Stop this depiction, it is often that men like James Copnall a BBC reporter and his likes will keep lowering themselves to the lower point of Whiteman’s inferiority inside him and claims nonsense from the outside. These men often choose and pick only what suite their inferiority to think that this is the only way to keep Africa down. Their daily lives become that of write and depicted of horrors news and sadness about Africa and left the real news unreported. One would think that a professional journalist would only write or reports a “reviewed” article that bears it truth nothing but truths. Paul Malong is not a King but a masterminded who master how South Sudan will drawn in thinking that Dinkas will eventually be superior just to massacred Nuer civilians in Juba. Paul Malong is nothing but a killer who trained 3,000 to 15,000 tribal men with one goal and that is killed the Nuer.


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