Breaking News: Gen. Paul Malong’s forces surrounded Juba

Press release.

November 5, 2017,

IMG_1796Office of Gen. Paul Malong

Fellow country men & women

(1) Gen. Malong will not and can never be taken anywhere, it is a redline.
Even if jesus christ the king of kings came down from heaven, he must first explains it clearly the reason he need him

(2) We accept to fight with any forces entering into Gen. Malong his residence whether the are NATO or MARINE leave this useless tiger of Salva Kiir.

(3) We ordered all our forces who are stationed in Nesitu commanded by Gen. Chan Garang and in Yei road commanded by Brigadier Gen. Kuol Santino and Jebel lado commanded by Maj. Gen. Wani John and Col. Dut Akoon to block all the roads leading to capital city and prepared for the attack as soon as possible.

(4) All the inhabitants of Juba city are ask to evacuate through Bor road which will be safest at least.

(5)All the diplomatic missions ( foreign embassies) must close and evacuate their diplomats and staffs in the safest point within in 24 hours. The same to UN agencies and others international organizations.

Victory in the corner


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