Dinka Soldiers of Salva Kirr are good at looting, 35,000 SSP mshopping money are looted at Paul Malong’s home

Nov. 5, 2017, Paul Malong’s wifr Lucy Ayak accusses Salva Kirr soldiers of robbing them at her house. The Dinka soldiers surrounding the home of former military chief of staff Paul Malong have been accused of stealing 35,000 South Sudanese Pounds from Malong’s relatives who left the house for shopping this morning.

Malong’s wife, Lucy Ayak Malek, told Radio Tamazuj today that the government troops deployed outside their house took money from family members who left the house for shopping.

“The soldiers surrounding the house took 35,000 SSP meant for shopping this morning and asked those people to return back home. The soldiers said nothing should be taken to Malong’s house, “she said.

Ayak said the heavily armed soldiers blocked the main road leading to Malong’s house and refused to allow any vehicle to move in order to bring food and water to people at home.

Malong, who has been under house arrest in Juba, was removed by Kiir in May. He was also sanctioned by the United States and Canada along with two senior officials for undermining the country’s stability.

Malong’s supporters have been calling for his release from house arrest in Juba. Several residents of Juba expressed fear since Saturday night that fighting could erupt between forces loyal to Kiir and Malong’s bodyguards at any time.


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