Lucy Ayak: Gordon Buay you are a “fiction and delusional Ambassador, who rely on lies and paid for being a liar


November 5, 2017

Respondence Letter to Amb. Gordon Buay.
Dear Gordon,
I read your article down the line and found that, I should not give it a second thought, It is worth responding.
You’ve reiterated in your articulation that what I am doing is nothing than inciting the public against the government. Since I begun my articulations against the arbitrary house arrest of my husband Gen. Paul Malong Awan, I was much assertive to glaring facts, not fiction like you bare accusation you laboured against me. Tellingly, giving the truth its weight does not tantamount to incitement or does it according to your fallacious thinking?
I know I am not going to spare your fictions unanswered, like you’ve nakedly set that “The people who read your articles will know that a wife will never be objective no matter what” when I internalized this statement, It is full of sexism and misogynism coupled with intimidation, You’re a sexist and misogynist, who you tell that only men are objective proficient truth tellers? Or Where you not born of a woman, Why are you so misogynistic?
As a matter of facts, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, former chief of General staff of SPLA, was appointed by the president to replaced James Hoth Mai, following the civil war of power ousting, Gen. Paul Malong Awan does not have a personal problems or mistakes with the nation or the world rather the matter known to all is a national issue, He was executing his dutiful prerogatives as dictated by the constitution: He was tasked by the same government who removed him again, So, confusing him with his former dutiful mandates is wrong and a naive thinking.
Mr. Amb. You set that “No body in South Sudan should be above the law and everyone should respect the rule of law” I don’t think whether there is a practical law in South Sudan, only that it is existing in a book; Rule of Law, when in reality we only have Rule off Law: where is the rule of Law when Gen. Paul Malong Awan is arbitrarily placed under house arrest without charges in hand frames upon him? When there will be that time Rule of Law every body regarding the episode will be a victims including the President Not Paul Malong Awan alone.
I want also to assure you that Mr. Amb. In the yesterday order of the President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, there a line that reads and I quoted”Any resistance posed by former chief of general staff of the SPLA must be met with reasonable force” In which nation does President unleashed terrorism to a citizen, since Gen. Paul Malong Awan was relieved, President Kiir Mayardit must treat as a citizen of South Sudan like the rest. As I also substantiate on that statement, there nothing portraying peace in the utterance hence where do you think peace will come when the top political apparatus initiate war instead of peace?
As I conclude but I want also to include that, in my statements and articulations, I am always bold, I don’t love biasness like how you’ve featured biasness in your article.


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