A fake South African Prophet Bushiri signs a $200 million deal with S. Sudan for road and mining

IMG_1867.JPGNovember 12, 2017, South Africa- based Malawian rich preacher, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, returned home Thursday night from a two-day visit in South Sudan, all smiles after clinching a $200 million deal with the government.


Deal done: Prophet Bushiri with South Reserve Bank Governor (L), Finance Minister (R) and Vice president
Since last year, Prophet Bushiri, both under the banner of Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) and also as a president of the African Christian Coalition for Israel Ltd (AFRICC), has been in discussions with South Sudan government over possibilities of investments in the country. This is the second deal that Prophet Bushiri is clinching with the South Sudan government.

On Tuesday, Prophet Bushiri, after a series of discussions and engagement, flew to South Sudan and finalised a $200 million investment package in areas of infrastructure and extractive industry.

The deal will see SBI, through a public private partnership (PPP), partnering with South Sudan government in mantainance of old roads and construction of new ones; construction of oil refineries and also in exploration and extracting of minerals.

South Sudan is a country rich in oil and minerals. It is Africa’s newest country after gaining independence in 2011 from Sudan, now North Sudan.

Commenting after the processes, Prophet Bushiri said it is high time Africans took control of their destiny.

“African problems needs to be solved by African solutions. African entreprenuers need to take a lead in investing in their continent. Investments in Africa need not be associated with those outside Africa only.

“We want African governments to develop confidence in their African investors. Through this, money will only be circulating within the continent. This means more opportunities within the continent for our people,” he said.



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