“Dr. Riek Machar is not a problem, Dinkas concerned with Dignity” said Lual Acuek Deng


“Dear Ngor Garang,

  1. Thanks for this superb rejoinder, especially this:

“Machar is not the problem. The problem is the system and John Luk’s constitution.”

  1. Absolutely, and I am 100% with you, but then I will be accused of being bias, which is OK with me. In fact, Dr. RMT should be allowed to move freely, including coming back to the bushes of South Sudan to pursue what he started on that “darkest day of 28 August 1991!” He ran away from Juba on 11 July 2016 and he is free to come back to Juba without conditions. We seem to forget that democracy is a game of numbers, so let us see who have the numbers behind them!! So, Dr. RMT should be freed from SA’s confinement to enable him to march to Juba and if that is the will of the people of South Sudan, so be it.
  2. Yes, let me be frank here for I want to be on records. I was a member of the Young Executive (a group that was really nationalistic) that dethroned Molana Abel Alier in February 1978 and installed Gen. Joseph Lagu! I am from Greater Bor and so is Molana Abel Alier! Our differences were political – he was a Southern Front and I was a SANU youth diehard, but it didn’t affect our relationships within the Bor community! But, when Gen. Lagu went nut in 1979 – calling for “all the tribes of SS” to unite against the Dinkas i.e. Jieng nationality) my political mentors, such as Samuel Aru, Philip Obang, Ezekiel Macuei Kodi, Andrew Wieu Riak, Akuot Atem, Dr. Col Dau Diing, Dr. Toby Maduot, Dr. Pacifico Lolik, Eng. Barnaba Dumu, Angelo Beda, Gen. AbaKuk, Gen. Magot, Col. John Garang de Mabior, etc. asked me to be in the Secretariat that worked to push out Gen. Lagu, which we did.

  3. In the light of the above, it is time for the Jieng and Nuer nationalities to start their own internal dialogue on how to avoid self-destruction. Yes, my friend Dr. RMT has triggered havoc in some parts of Greater Equatoria, but is that the objective of becoming the president of SS? Absolutely, not.

  4. My advice to all SS leaders is NOT to try to unite the Jieng nationality, by blanket attack against the Dinka, if you really want to rescue South Sudan from disintegration and self-destruction. This is because Jieng is a strange human gene that is ready to commit suicide when pushed against the wall. Let us be careful when dealing with people who are more concerned with “dignity!”

Yes, please, feel free to say anything on what I have said above.


Lual A. Deng, PhD
Managing Director
Ebony Center for Strategic Studies (ECSS)
P.O. Box 198 Juba, South Sudan
Cell: 202-286-9111 (USA)
211-912-272-999 (South Sudan)
211-956-450-691 (South Sudan)

“Better is one day in your Courts than a thousand elsewhere; I will rather be a door keeper in the House of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked” (Psalm 84:10).
Location is everything and can change one’s perspective on everything.


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