Benyamin Netanyahu:We will exterminate the Black race of our country


Benyamin Netanyahu made an unusual visit to the southern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, near the central bus station. The Israeli prime minister wanted to express a sudden empathy for the inhabitants of these impoverished neighborhoods. Not because of the deprivation of their homes, but because of the massive presence of those we call them “Infiltrators” : African migrants from Eritrea and Sudan.“We will make the south of Tel Aviv citizens of Israel” by exterminating the impure races “of our country”, launched the head of government.

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Mr. Netanyahu was not content with this visit. He also made a long monologue on Sunday at the cabinet meeting. He mentioned the fate of“Sophia, 72 years”, who lives at 6efloor of a building exclusively populated with‘Illegal infiltrators’,who are not according to him“Refugees”but“Economic migrants”. Israel refuses to grant refugee status to migrants from anywhere in Africa.

“It’s the fault of the government if they concentrated in these neighborhoods, that’s where they were systematically sent after their detention,says Jean-Marc Liling, Director of the Center for International Migration and Integration (CIMI).In these already poor, infrastructure-poor neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, the most vulnerable Israelis who remained have felt that they are no longer at home. But the newcomers also opened shops, populated the schools. “

Benyamin Netanyahu is pleased to have managed to get 20 000 out of the 60 000 who entered Israel through Egyptian Sinai, before building a border security fence at the end of 2011. He believes that by initiating the construction of the fence with Egypt, he saved Israel from an existential danger.



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