Secret deals: South African’s David Mahlobo wants to make money in the name of Dr. Riek Machar

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November 20, 2017, David Mahlobo who once serve as minister of state security and now turn to be the minister of energy of the republic of south Africa.

He is today Nov, 19, 2o17 in Juba to met with Taban Deng and Ezekiel Lol prior in follow up of thier previous conspiracy against SPLM-IO/SPLA-IO Chairman Dr Riek Machar. He was the one wrote the below message to Ezekiel in July this year, because his message was leaked out, so they failed to execute their plans, now he is in Juba for another deal with Taban and Ezekiel.

Check the intercepted message of july last year as below. .. Morning comrade Minister Amb. Ezekiel. I have noted the letter to Riek Machar by His Excellency President Museveni and I suggest the elders discuss the matter because this can trigger the guest wanting to start demanding to travel when the conditions have not been sorted. The elders must guide us on how skillfully with assist the process whilst avoiding complicating the matters. Thanks my brother and comrade Mr. David Mahlobo, MP, Minister of State Security, Republic of South Africa. July 1, 2017.


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