SPLA-IO’s spokesperson said Juba war resumed operations against IO

Press Release
img_1514-1November 21, 2017, This statement is an update on the ongoing Juba regime offensive against SPLA (IO) bases and positions in Imotong, Lich and Phou States.
Lich State.

On Monday November 20, 2017, the gallant SPLA (IO) forces of Division 4B under the command of Cdr Major General Dok Wanjang engaged an aggression of Juba regime forces at Thaker and Rupkuach in Mayardit County.

In this fighting alone, the SPLA (IO) defeated and annihilated the aggression, killing twenty seven (27) Juba regime soldiers on spot, capturing 3 RPGs, 7 PKM and 28 AK-47 in good condition and taking full and complete control of Thaker and Rupkuach.

Phou State
In Wau/Ayod, the gallant SPLA (IO) also defeated and annihilated another Juba regime aggression. In this aggression, Juba regime aggressed SPLA (IO) from two directions, one through Gaap which was destroyed by the brave SPLA (IO) Brigade One forces under Brigadier General Wuor Gai Thanypieny of Division Seven (7) under Cdr Major General Simon Diang Duoth, killing fifty (50) hungry and desperate Juba regime soldiers. The other Juba regime aggression was through Wunbiem that SPLA (IO) forces of Brigade Three (3) under Cdr Brigadier General James Kuot Duop destroyed, killing sixty (60) more Juba regime soldiers.

In desperation, Juba regime troops destroyed one of their very own (1) Wolit, another texture mounted with 12.7 and huge ammunition stores.

Imotong State
After months of repeated provocations from the Juba regime, the gallant and brave SPLA (IO) Anyanya Division forces of Wotoro Brigade under the command of Cdr Brigadier General Marko Ochu and Cdr Colonel Anthony Omiyang responded, engaged and destroyed newly established Juba regime bases at Balbal, Nyara and Fire-Fire (Kalisioni) in Iyire of Kudo County, also known as Torit West County (TWC).

The destroyed military bases at Balbal, Nyara and Fire-Fire (Kalisioni) were supposed to be used for launching offensive against SPLA (IO) Anyanya Division forces during the coming dry season.

In total, SPLA (IO) lost twelve (12) freedom fighters in the fighting in Phou and Lich States, while three were injured in the fighting in the Iyire area of Kudo County, Imotong State.

Brigadier General William Gatjiath Deng,
SPLA (IO) Military Spokesperson,
Pagak, South Sudan
Monday November 20, 2017


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