SPLM-IO’s spokesperson dismiss the fake propaganda posted to general public on the social media by Brigadier General Lul Ruach Koang.

IMG_1906.JPGGood evening!
This press is mends to dismiss the fake propaganda posted to general public on the social media by Brigadier General Lul Ruach Koang.

I would like to inform all sympathizers and the general public about an article posted by Brigadier General Lul Ruach Koang that I am being arrested with other forty five (45) officers at the corridor of Maiwut by the SPLA(IO).

This article is rubbish and must be treated as white propaganda and it would never happens in my life to join a traitor and blood sucker leader like Taban Nyakek. May be brigadier General Lul wrote this article at the bar during intoxication and he may needs to be detoxicated for normalcy and it is clear that General Lul has got post traumatic stress disorders.

General Lul Ruach, you better to know my position, I am not an easy going Spokesperson like you. I am a trusted military Spokesperson in the people’s movement with hight potential, unique personalities and I have chosen my own history.

In the people’s movement, we don’t have that system of torturing combatants rather than to mobilizes them to join the movement in their free will. But government of South Sudan is so notorious to extiminates its own people.

The SPLA (IO) had captured thousands combatants from government regime forces in various fronts and it happened that neither torturing nor humiliations were applied against their lives.

Major Kueth Rial was caught so many times communicating with the regime officers, talking ill language against the people’s movement and he had also deployed by the regime to counter the Chief of General Staff since we were in Juba last year.

Even on our way to DRC Congo, he still had communication with the regime and our intelligence decided to put him to jail and released him after investigations without torturing. I would like to once more again remind the general public that there is no single officer diserted and joined Taban Deng`s Camp, there is no Taban camp rather than the angry confined troops at Jokow Bridge trenches since August 2017.

Brigadier General William Gatjiath Deng
Spokesperson for SPLA-IO
Pagak, South Sudan 24/11/2017


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