Government forces killed Civilians in Mundri and Kajo Keji.


Press Release

Government forces killed Civilians in Mundri and Kajo Keji.

Yesterday the 24/11/2017 late afternoon, the government forces based in Jale (Kajo Keji) slaughtered four civilians- three(3) South Sudanese and one Ugandan from Moyo District- in between Afoji and Jale. Two people including the Ugandan died instantly and the remaining two are in critical conditions in a hospital in Moyo. This came as a result of the National Dialogue committee’s visit to the West Nile region of Uganda to convince the refugees to go back to their home in South Sudan claiming that there is peace.

On Thursday, the committee sent four representatives; Bata Silvanos, Joyce Kiden, Jacob Kwansuk, Lopwat Francis and one elder by name Ben Yengi to go to Jale SPLA IG base to talk to Commander Camilo to allow safe passage to the refugees who would be going back home. This information was brought to the refugees and some took it seriously and decided to hire a Ugandan Boda boda to take them inside Kajo Keji leading to them being attacked by the government forces.

Secondly, yesterday morning the government forces killed 15 civilians including five(5) women and three(3) children in Kedeba(Eastern Mundri) and in the evening they killed two church youth identified as Mr. Babi Gasim Arona and Munya Gyalingo Mana in Bari(Western Mundri).

The SPLA IO condemns this atrocities committed by the government forces towards civilians. We are calling upon the Human Rights watch, the IGAD, the UN and the International Community to investigate these incidents and bring those responsible to justice. The government of Juba does not want peace to come to this country that’s why they are busy killing civilians. The struggle continues.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokespersons


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