Gen. Peter Gatdet said, Sudan Tribune report is a lies

IMG_2012.JPGPress Statement :

Date 05/12/2017:

South Sudan United movement (SSUM/SSUAF).

Office of the Spokesperson.

Subject: Reputing downright lies and propaganda disseminated by Sudantribun newspaper in yesterday’s latest news, that South Sudan United movement Armed Forces has clashed within their barrack between two Sudan border. General enlightenment to entire supporters of the people’s movement, Senior and Junior officers in the rank and file of South Sudan United movement, in regard to the top title, that our gallant Forces has clashed within their barrack leaving three comrades dead and that the fighting is between two brothers Dajul Gok and Nyindeng Kuach. According to Hon.Juan Dar Dobuol the Secretary General of South Sudan United movement (SSUM/SSUAF). As of now he can assure you that what you may have heard or get in the news papers is downright lies, baseless and unfounded mere fabrication propaganda being circulated on newspaper by enemies of peace and stability of our movement. The mission and vision of South Sudan United movement is unwavering and will achieve it is goal at all the cost. We had acknowledge so far from various times such lies are being levelled against us to tarnish people’s movement image. There are poisonous soul-spirit people whom are bewitching us hell and doom of death because they seem South Sudan United movement is threat to their interest, but no way. We are standing tall like a rock ready to change Juba regime said by Hon. Juan Dar Dobuol. We come to stay and no where to go. The only option you could do is to hang yourself to be free from us. Thought of the evil people will never ever yeild fruits, otherwise they will go into hell with them and end up in vain. South Sudan United movement Armed Forces are stable in their military bases and nothing of such a kind of fabrication propaganda happened in their barracks. SSUAF are aware about the evil people lurking around the bush to attack South Sudan United Armed Forces positions,but be careful the mighty gallant Forces are ready to caught you red handed. As long as South Sudanese community are keeping hope on South Sudan United movement, we will do what is necessary to safeguard their rights and freedom whom they are longing for. Finally, he can say to our gallant Forces keep your spirit and moral high like the birds hovering over the sky because you are qualified soldiers the whole community are building their hope and we shall not let them down. To all South Sudan United movement’s supporters do remain calm and keep your confidence and courage. Our Chairman and commander in Chief of the South Sudan United movement (SSUM/SSUAF). General Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek is ready to deliver you out of the suffering you had been undergoing four years ago?
By Juan Dar Dobuol.


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