SPLM (IO) government of Yei River State reputed the Juba allegation that they involved in the killings of MP Jacob Kawinsuk who died of gunshots at Mijale Sub-county in Yumbe District of Uganda.

img_1705Press Statement


SPLM (IO) government of Yei River State would want to inform all the people of South Sudan, the region and the international Community that the unpopular government of Yei River State under Governor David Lokonga Moses has once again ill-heartedly pointed fingers at SPLM/A (IO) over the death of its MP Jacob Kawinsuk who died of gunshots at Mijale Sub-county in Yumbe District of Uganda.

We therefore, advise all South Sudanese and the international community to disregard the statement from Yei River State government as a mere propaganda aimed at tarnishing the reputation and popularity of the people’s movement.

MP Jacob was killed outside SPLA-IO areas, hence, it is a gross mistake to claim responsibility on us. We had ever detained government agents of Grassroots Peace Initiative and National Dialogue such as Commissioner Julias Tabule and elder Thomas Taban (Galaka), yet we released them unhurt. Now, what would take us to kill such a person in a foreign country?

SPLM/A (IO) under the able and visionary leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny emerged to impose fundamental change that will include an end to such kind of political assassinations as Juba regime did to Abdurrahman Sule among other outstanding figures.

The slain MP was one of the delegates Juba regime sent to the refugees settlements in Moyo and Yumbe distincts of Uganda to meet and mobilize refugees to return to Kajo-Keji where insecurity still prevails, especially in government occupied areas.

Brig. Gen. Peter Lujo
Minister of Information & Government Spokesperson
Yei River State, SPLM/A-IO controlled area.


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