2 bodies young Nuer men dumped at Jebel Kujur in Juba

IMG_2022December 8, 2017

Two bodies of young Nuer men were found dumped at Jebel Kujur area on Thursday, according to a camp chairman at the Protection of Civilians site in Juba.

Gabriel Gatkhor said the deceased – Buai Gatkuoth aged 31 and Kuol Yuol 25 – went missing on Tuesday evening.

The victims were returning to the camp from town when they were allegedly abducted by suspected soldiers.

“It happened on the 5th; they caught these men and then they detained them. Then on 6th they assassinated them,” said Mr Gatkhor.

He said before the two men were killed, the parents talked to the captors to negotiate for their release, but the individuals refused.

“They asked the personnel that please we are going to give you money and would you be able to release our people? The men refused that they are not going to release them but deal away with them.”

When contacted over the matter, the army spokesperson, Brigadier General Lul Ruai, said he was not aware of the incident.

“Let those who are concerned do more in terms of getting accurate information,” he said.

“The best relevant authority would be those who are in charge of the IDPs to comment, as well as the minister of humanitarian affairs.”


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