Breaking News: #European governments are involved in crimes against #immigrants!

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December 14, 2017, Amnesty International (or) was accused yesterday of Tuesday, European governments of complicity in serious human rights violations in Libya, by supporting the authorities there, often working with smugglers and torturing refugees and immigrants.

In A report on Tuesday, the organization said that the European Union’s support to Libya to prevent illegal immigrants from reaching Europe across the sea made it a partner in human rights violations.

Immigrants are sold in slave markets!!

Photos documenting these abuses have surfaced in a prison in Libya, where most of them are sold in real “slave markets” according to the report of the world migration organization, and most of them are Africans who cross Libya with a view to travelling to Europe in a way. Illegal.

According to the “Shocking” testimonies of immigrants to immigration officials, hundreds of men and women are sold and sales are carried out in public or warehouses, and according to these certificates, immigrants are in the south of Libya, which is one of the main centres. For smuggling immigrants, taking land in the parking garage and parking garage.

The “slave market” runs libyan libyans and Nigerians working for libyans, and most immigrants are used as daily workers in construction and agriculture, some of whom are paid and others are forced to work without pay.

In addition to the risk of killing, migrants who fall prey to smugglers are constantly being subjected to ill-Nutrition, as stated by Mohamed Abdi Care, director of emergency operations of the world migration organization, who described the situation as “disastrous”.

In addition, governments bent on preventing African migration through the Mediterranean have provided support to Libya through the European Union, trained the Libyan coast guard and spent millions of euros through united nations agencies to improve conditions in camps in which Libya is holding immigrants.

Torture and forced labour.

The organization said that about 20 people were “currently detained in these centres, subjected to torture, forced labour, extortion and murder”, in addition to similar charges from other human rights organizations over the past months.

In the same context, John D. The, director of the Europe programme of amnesty international, said that European governments ” were not only aware of these violations by supporting Libyan authorities in preventing travel by sea and keeping people in Libya. She’s a partner in these crimes.

“tens of thousands of detainees remain in overcrowded detention centres and have been subjected to systematic torture”.

It should be noted that Libya is the main gateway for immigrants seeking to reach Europe by sea, although the numbers have declined significantly since last July, when authorities and a began to prevent departures from Italy, which is the main point of access for migrants. More than 600 migrants have arrived in Europe over the last four years.

In an interview conducted by amnesty international with a man from the Gambia who was arrested in Libya for three months, he said he was “starved and beaten”.

“they hit me with a rubber hose because they want money to release me, and call my family and they shoot me in an effort to pay them to send money to them”.

Human rights groups say that they have enough evidence to prosecute European Governments, and Libya has been suffering from security and political chaos since the overthrow of qaddafi’s age in 2011.

A Libyan and Italian Chamber to confront human smugglers.

In the same vein, Italy and Libya announced last Saturday the establishment of a common room between the authorities of the two countries; to confront human traffickers and those responsible for illegal migration.

This came in a statement issued following the meeting of the Italian Minister of the interior, Marco Mi, and the head of the government of reconciliation winner al-AOS in Tripoli,

According to the statement, the room will consist of “Coast Guard Representatives, the illegal immigration service, the attorney general, the intelligence service and their Italian counterparts”. and it is worth mentioning that the international migration organization announced last November that about 3 Thousands of refugees were killed during their attempts to reach Europe through the Mediterranean, since the beginning of 2017.

In a statement, the organization explained that 2993 refugees had died on average since the beginning of the year, while the number of those killed during the same period last year had been 4 and 720 refugees. .

The statement continued that 161 refugees had been able to reach Europe since the beginning of the current year, while there were 345 during the same period last year.

Migrants to the European country remain the weakest link where they are persecuted and tortured, who are killed at sea and those who remain at the mercy of the receiving states


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