Gen. Peter Gatdet: To all South Sudanese specially the victims of Conflict from Equatoria, and Upper Nile region.


I greet and salute all the suffering families and our beloved ones in UNMISS camps across the country, the entire Nuer community at home and in Diasporas, colleagues, officers, NCOS, and soldiers in uniform specially those who sacrifice their lives to safe the innocent lives on 15-Dce-2013 in Juba.

Our fallen Heroes and Heroin, Widows and Widowers.

Ladies and gentlemen, On this 4th year of commemoration of the event of 15-Dec-2013.
On behave of SSUM/SSUAF and on my own behave, I am hereby submitting my sincere and grateful salutation to all of you in your various places and careers for the commemoration of our martyrs specially our fallen heroes whose blood had fallen and sacrifice themselves for the sake of the Nuer dignity.

Therefore, I am hereby extending this message to all of you as we are sharing the pain of 15-Dec-2013, I am urging you to truly and strongly stand very tall against any attempt whose aims is to defame and disfigure the image of our Tribe in South Sudan.

Let us know and remember the 15-Dec-2013 as a month of painful memories and the darkness day in the history of the Nuer and entire South Sudanese.

I brought this concern to our attention because I want our future generations see the importance of the writing history accurately-genuine history that tells the precise account of what has taken place from the witness perspective.

May our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters who left this world for a plan designed by the enemy, not be forgotten and their souls rest in eternal peace.

Thank in advance

General. Peter Gatdet Yaka
Chairman and Commander-in-Chief (SSUM/SSUAM).


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