Juba regime is moving troops to Lou Nuer for attack preparations


Press Release

  1. Violations of CoH in Bieh State

Government in Juba committed violation of the CoH Agreement against SPLA IO forces of division 8, Sector three(3) yesterday the 28/12/2017. The Government forces left their position in yuai and attacked our base in Payai but they were repulsed by the SPLA IO. This aggression continued this morning of 29/12/2017 at around 7:00AM as they launched another attack on our position in paditet Payam.

  1. IG planned Movement of troops

We have received a report from a reliable source that the government in Juba had a high military command council in Juba on 27/12/2017 and came up with a resolution to clear SPLA IO bases in Equatoria, Western Bar El Gazal and greater Upper Nile.
The government has already organized forces in Bor to be deployed in Ayod to attack the SPL IO bases there.
Secondly government forces are also being organized in Torit to start attacking SPLA IO positions in Imotong State.

The SPLM/A IO leadership is alerting all SPLA IO forces to be vigilant of imminent attacks from government in Juba within this dry season and only act in self defence. The resistance continues”.

“Col. Lam Paul Gabriel
SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson


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