The Governor of Nadapal have hand in abduction of Spla-IO Governor

taban-and-lolI am disappointed with some element within our community that used the Government of tribal president of South Sudan to cause confusion in our community to fulfil their evil interest but my warning to those people if this Tribal government is overthrown, they should follow him where he is going otherwise we will deal with them like what they did to our people.

The governor of Nadspal state fails to uphold the oath of office he took by saying he will protect the citizen of the state against external aggression.
Those people below we are following your deeds
1-The governor of Nadapal
2-Amb.John Andruaga
3-Ann Ito
4- Johnson akot (general)
if something happened to Marko Lakidor Lochapio those above-named person will account to the people of Eastern Equatoria state

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