What is the difference between Hitler’s Nazi regime and Troika today in South Sudan?

American Embassy in Juba, South Sudan;

British Embassy in Juba, South Sudan,
Norwegian Embassy in Juba, South Sudan

January 2, 2018

Ref: South Sudanese will prevail, The Holocaust was the systematic annihilation of six million Jews by the Nazi regime during World War 2, Now Troika is replacing Hitler by helping Salva Kirr finishing South Sudanese

Did you know that Troika’s endless and useless condemnations are only helping South Sudan finishing itself? Did you know that the regime you endure is killings civilians today in Pathai, near Yuai, Bieh State? Did you know that there are countless incidents as such across South Sudan? Although Troika is only concerned about their political survival in Eastern Africa, however, supporting Salva regime now is awaiting a real showdown between Troika and entire Eastern Africa. As the matter of fact, we have seen that music before but this is exactly where we are heading.

remember this report? that, “UN, US Failed to Prevent Ethnic Cleansing in South Sudan” This is why I never wanted to contact you, to begin with, in the last four years because I know that you will never be a part of the solution. But your so-called Condemnation statement is getting into nerves of many people like me.

I wish to add my concerns to you on behalf of the people of South Sudanese in South Sudan who are the subject of my deepest concern. My Name is Galuke Reat, a South Sudanese Canadian who live Canada. I am a graduate of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario with B.A in Philosophy. When I started my school in 2012, it was right after a year when you supported the independence of South Sudan. Then, I decided to study philosophy so that I can help my people in Africa, but that hope is fading away now. As South Sudanese and the entire African are worried about South Sudan and the future of Africa at large. The Troika’s deep involvement of supporting Salva Kirr’s regime in South Sudan is taking entire Africa backward to 19th centuries.

 I write to you out of deep concern for the current of state of affairs of South Sudan. As much as I am well aware of the effort that Troika and other African Countries are trying in Addis Ababa, I personally felt that the entire situation is missed. I personally admitted that I am not a supporter of the current government in Juba. I am also fully aware that you might claims that you know much more than I do about South Sudan, I am also a Nuer by tribes and that is why I am writing to you that, the entire of the Nuer community and majority of South Sudanese are fully aware of your intends. And that is supporting Salva Kirr’s regime who destroyed South Sudan just because the Troika’s interest might not be fulfilled by Dr. Riek Machar.

As much as I know, that this letter will end up in the garbage like many other letters before me. I would like to take the opportunity to call your attention to the share concerns that many South Sudanese have, and that is, we know exactly what you are doing, we know what kind of the end goal that you are hoping for and we also know that the so call “condemned all parties” is a way to buy time so that you might find a way to find the next leader that you want after Salva Kirr. I think we have seen this movie before and I truly believe that all of them end up with the tragic events such that of Libya, Somali, Iraq and much more like them.

However, there is a difference at this time, as you know, the majority of South Sudanese have been watching your countless condemnations and your activities toward South Sudan in the last 4 years from your countries such the United States, U.K among other. You can conclude that I am alone in this, however, only time will tell. Majority of South Sudanese are frustrated with the IGAD because they think that IGAD has been manipulated by Troika to protect Troika’s interests and not helping South Sudan nor Africa at large.

I hope you might ask, then, what is the solution? well, the solution is that you need to end this hopeless game of “condemnation of all parties” and joins Salva Kirr’s regime openly so that people of South Sudan can have room to solve this situation. Salva Kirr and Dinka Council of Elder will never rule South Sudan fully as you are wishing.


Gatluke Reat


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