Blaming all sides: Does Troika have any credibility to South Sudanese?

samantha2The Whiteman return to depopulate Africa, the cold war against black people

By Gatluke Chuol Reat

Two items on the agenda for the returns of re-colonization

  • Depopulating Africa and (Funded by Troika and Bill Gates)
  • Preventing any future strong Africa (funded by Troika)

For the last four years, the so-called Troika countries were engaged in helping South Sudan to sinks to its last blood, the central goals of Troika’s “blaming all parties” policy to eliminate more South Sudanese populations. In doing so, Troika, with the Western imperialistic policy allows the regime in Juba to carried our more killings by ignoring the call the rights of vulnerable people of South Sudan, pledging countless military aids to the same government whose goals is to eliminate more South Sudanese activist and political leaders. The Western imperialists are blinding the few within the regime in Juba by threatening them to cut the oil if they do not abide their instructions through a process of aids, that cause the regime in Juba to cease from seeking help within South Sudanese civil society.

The establishment of military aids and operation of financial aids were a central element of this policy, which can best be described as an intentional genocide against South Sudanese people.  people need to understand that physical genocide is the mass killing of the members of a targeted group, and the regime in Juba is fit to carry this genocide with the capacity of financial and military aids from Troika. As we know from the definition of the cultural genocide as a destruction of those structures and practices that allow the regime or any group to continues to eliminate other groups. As in this case, the States that engage in cultural genocide set out to destroy the political and social institutions of the targeted group.

First, it was a Land seized in Equatorial regions, and populations are forcibly removed from their Lands and their movement is restricted. Then, Murle community became a target. a war generated by then Jonglei State Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk, in which later spread to Lou Nuer and also it follows, as the followings.

1 At first occasion, the regime in Juba forced Equatorians to relocate from their lands that result in a loss of their agriculturally valuable or resource-rich land onto remote and economically marginal locations.

2 Campaigned against Lou Nuer in 2006 by forceful disarmament funded by the same Troika

3 Juba regime replaced existing forms of the government with relatively powerless band governors whose decisions it could override and whose governors could be deposed overnight.

4 In the process, Juba regime disempowered political activists who are loyal to the regime, who had held significant influence and powerful roles in their communities.

5 Troika helps Juba regime to legitimized its useless Reconciliation as tools to denied the right of oppositions concerns and participate fully in the process to those oppositions who are opposing the regime and people who refused to abandon rebellion.

6 And, the regime in Juba with the help from Troika is separating children from their communities by allowing them to reside at UNMISS CAMPS across South Sudan. This is done not to protect them from being killed, but first and foremost to destroy them physically and mentally. In justifying the plotting, Troika’s UNMISS policy, Troika is saying they are doing so by protecting the children from the same government that they are funding its military to chase people out of their home.

Now the imperialists (Troika) are forcing another failed peace negotiation in order for them to pursue their agendas further.

To be continue


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