Taban Deng Gai’s operation to Lou Nuer details

img_1639-2More details on Taban Mission to lead the operation to Lou Nuer Fangak Nuer and Jikany Nuer Operation Room sources confirmed that Taban Deng Gai spent a night in Bor and he will proceed to Forward Lou Nuer. He was accompanied by the following Lou Nuer Generals and politicians. The following people who are with Taban in Bor their Names are as follow:-

1 Thoi Chany Reat

2 Yoal Dok Khoryoam

3 Thou Thor

They will go to Yuai Tomorrow while their advance team will fly from Juba in the same Morning to Waat.

The advance team is led by Deputy Governor

1 Teah Gatjiek Wei

2 Bol Koang Nguth

3 Nyang Chuol Dhuor

4 Chuol Diu Teny

5 Gatkuoth Duop Keay

This group will land in Waat today within no time. They should land in the morning or afternoon, but they are going.

There’s a operation coordination underway from Pachalla and Buma states to start moving toward Akobo when Taban possibly make it to Waat in a day or two days.

Taban’s aims is Akobo and if the operation will be easy than he will go to Akobo by land and will continue to Pagak as he will permanently make it is base. This is for your information and please urgently forward it to our people.


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