Juba Government continued violations of CoH against SPLM-IO but the International Community are being quite

Press Statement


Government continued violations of CoH

January 9, 2018, This morning, at about 10:30am government forces, attacked the SPLA IO base in Wunu’Lyet about 3KM away from Luri. They came on two Land Cruisers pickups but were repulsed and scattered leaving behind four (4) dead bodies and six(6) injured while our freedom fighters sustained two (2) minor injuries.

This same morning also at about 9:45am government forces left their base in Yei and attacked the SPLA IO forces in Goja. The SPLA IO cleared and pushed them back towards Yei.

The government also came out from Yuai this morning and attacked SPLA I.O base in Pabuong Payam of Pulchuol County. They were pushed back to Kuerluot and the fighting is on going toward Yuai town where they came from.

The advance team of government forces under the command of Taban Dang Gai has arrived in Yuai and immediately went on offensive by attacking our position in Motdit this morning at around 10.00Am, but our gallant forces repulsed them to Yuai center.


1. Liech State

The regime is preparing to wage an aggressive attack in Leer, Mayendit and Koch after a series of shelling towards the SPLA IO positions in Leer and Koch yesterday.


Government forces under the command of Taban Deng Gai and Gony Biliu have arrived in Yuai in their campaign to expand their territories by attacking Ayod, Akobo, Walgak, Lankien, Maiwut, and proceed to Pagak. The government has also brought in JEM Militias and SLA forces by choppers from Raja to reinforce its forces in the planned attacks against the SPLA IO in the above mentioned areas.

3. WAU

The regime forces in Wau have camouflaged themselves in police uniforms to go and replace the Mathiang Anyor forces that have been deployed in the areas of Bazia, Bagari and Beselia. This is aimed at confusing the civilians and also to launch attacks on SPLA IO bases in and around those places.

The movement of the government forces from Juba to Lou Nuer area and other places by the regime is a violation of the CoH agreement. We have brought this to the attention of the international community specifically CTSAMM, IGAD and TROIKA; and yet no any step has been taken. According to article. 3.3 in the CoH agreement, the purported huge movement of troops and heavy military equipment is against the spirit of CoH. This is a clear demonstration that Salva Kiir has no intention whatsoever to respect this signed CoH and he should be held responsible for its collapse as it happens. The resistance continues.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel

SPLA IO Deputy Military Spokesperson


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